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Networking in Marketing and Advertising Companies: A Soft System Methodology Approach

Journal paper
Zarei, B., Sadeghi, S., Azizian, S. & Shishegar, M.
The International Technology Management Review, Vol. 4, No. 1, PP. 42-57


Nowadays, the quality and diversification of the services in Iranian marketing and advertising industry are growing.  But, providing the customers with marketing and advertising services is still conducted using out-dated, complicated and time-consuming processes. So it seems that revising these processes is necessary. Soft system methodology (SSM) is an appropriate approach for studying complicated systems of human activities. This paper investigates the status quo of Iranian marketing and advertising industry, determines its disadvantages and defects, and proposes a new system that seems to be more efficient and effective, which brings numerous advantages to the users through changing the type of communications between the involved entities.


Keywords: Specialized networking, Marketing and advertising, Business network, Soft system methodology (SSM).

Toward a Novel Business Model for Marketing Networked Companies

Journal paper
Azizian, S., Zarei, B. & Sadeghi, S.
Int. J. Business Innovation and Research


Designing smart business models to be used as a solid step in starting a business has become an important issue in today’s world of e-commerce. Marketing networked companies also as a new and web-based business are in dire need of designing such a model for their success. The aim of this study was to identify the components of this model.  To understand the system and gather the in dire need of information to define the various elements of the business model, we have used the methodology of soft systems. In this method, we will provide a picture of the status quo as well as a general definition of the optimal system, based on which we will define the blocks of the business model. Our reference model for designing business model of marketing networked companies is “ontology” business model.

Keywords: business model; marketing networked companies; soft systems methodology; information systems; web-based business.

Reviewing Scott Shane’s Theories

Book Chapter
Yadollahi, J., Modarresi, M., & Sadeghi, S.
University of Tehran, First edition.

My Master Thesis: Presenting Advertising Agencies’ Assessment Model Based on Criterions of Customers Satisfaction

Conference paper
Composer: Setareh Sadeghi
Supervisor: Dr. Behrouz Zarei


Marketing and advertising is one the important pillar of every business but, the effective and efficient implementation of that is more important than that is. So, accurate selection of an advertising agency or consultant is noticeable, because considering time, energy and budget need for a business’s marketing and advertising. A wrong choice for cooperation, and also not evaluating an ad agency during cooperation, will has negative results and negative effect on the business’s performance, also blemish its brand.

Absence of a valuable framework or criterion for evaluating the ad agency performance will lead a vaccum in accurate and comprehensive evaluating of ad agency by advertiser that lead abusaging and monolopoly of this industry activators which prevent positive and healthy competition in the industry.

This reseach intend to gather data about customers opinions and satisfaction of ad agencies through presenting suitable model and criteria for evaluating ad agencies to improve agencies’ performance and change selection criteria by flipping monopol companies. Also, engourage the SME agencies to compete by creating positive competitive environment.

In this research we used mixes methodology; in the qualitative section, we identifiy the elements and components of Ad agencies evaluation model by profound interviewing with the industry experts and in quantitative section, we gather the research data by exploiting the questionnaire from qualitative section’s outputs and distributing in selected samples which the results are presetable in 4 and 5 chapters.

Key Words: Ad Agency, Ad Agency Evaluation, Customer Satisfaction, Advertising.